Street Art Project Gibraltar

Street Art Project Gibraltar

In December 2017, the Gibraltar Government opened a competition to the public to come up with original street art designs. 

Aside from my graphic design career, I am also an artist. I entered the competition and was successful, being awarded the location at Chatham Counterguard tunnel by Irish Town in Gibraltar.

In this day and age, gone are the wide open spaces of Gibraltar, and the heritage buildings struggle to compete with the monstrosities of modern contemporary architecture.

The pollution we are exposed to is so harsh here; I feel that there should be more green spaces to help with cleaner air.

‘Make a Wish’ invites the viewer to leave behind the hustle and bustle of modern life and walk into nature’s paradise. Part of the murals are black and white representing pollution and then you walk into a kaleidoscope of colour. The child (in a style not dissimilar to Banksy) transforms the mural into colour, but at the same time, invites the passer-by to make a wish. So often we see people engrossed in their mobile phones as they walk that they forget the beauty around them.